We Can Help You In Many Ways

Mirrors . Tables . Showers . Stairs . Fences . Doors . Windows . Walls


As a professional team we can replace any and  every cracked or broken mirror. If you would like to keep the same design we will be able to , or if you would like to give it a new stylish finish, we are also able to do so.


Merhi Glass has a unique choices of TABLE GLASS, whether you are trying to protect your wood or you would like to make the whole table of glass. You have came to the right spot and we will be able exactly what you are expected.


Give your shower the look that you want it to be, Clear and Fancy. Our collection of shower glass are made to satisfy all of our customers.

Glass Handrail

Every one will agree that there is a huge difference between the regular stairs and the awesome glass stairs. Our glass stairs collection are SOLID and ready get any type of load on it.


1/2 inch Commercial Doors & Glass

Rolling Glass Shutter

The combination between Hard Solid to protect you and your family, and the Fancy look that will make every one look at your door. We do have a lot of designs and looks that will satisfy every house and family.


All Type of Flatt Glass

Windows are easy to get cracked, broken, or if it leaking. Our full team are ready to go to your location and fix what is needed for the best price guaranteed.


Absolutely WALLS will give your house or yard the best look every. Nothing is better than Glass Walls. The Clear look, and the Awesome View. Also if you are an Art Fan, making Art in your house will be awesome.